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I am in a immense amount of pain about how sweet this is 

I decided to click on it due to curiosity, I continued to read because the beginning reminded me of Over the garden wall, and then I couldn't stop reading. I'm now in love with your art style! this is too cute and the message is lovely!

this art style is absolutely amazingly cute, and i love the story. this is as good if not better than lavender towne's web comic unfamiliar

Neat stuff!

OMG I love this so much!!! The art style is beautifully adorable, Lumina was such an endearing protagonist! I've also read Call of The Sentinel, keep up the good work!

Wow! amazing comic! I loved the art style and fell in love with the characters right away. It really put me in a fall mood to. Great work!!!

Hi! I read this, and this was really nice. Afterward, I read your other comic, and I thought it was really cool too!